A Lot About Nothing Blog

First I'd like to thank everyone for their support and especially their patience. I personally underestimated the process and assumed it'd be a lot faster to get this ball rolling. I of course could've used a free website or a blog hosting website but I chose to make my own instead. My choice makes the process a lot longer, it definitely costs more and it makes things a little more challenging but I made my choice with myself and all of you in mind. You and I both benefit more from my choice considering I have more creative freedom, I have to only play by my rules and it's fully my own domain. I did all the extensive research and concluded this would be best so please continue to bare with me. I apologize for the push backs and the very drab, boring website design but it'll come along very soon. I'm realistically aiming to get it finished before New Years and I'm debating whether to post a few entries during the process. Either way, I again thank you all and I wont let down. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions just let me know via Facebook and I'll do my best to communicate back.

- Brennen Lamb